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Small Business Guide in Writing a Business Plan for a Modern World

Petaluma, CA — Feb 26, 2018—  Connecting your Business Plan to a Modern World – New book from certified business advisor designed specifically for business advisors, start ups, start up thinkers, entrepreneurs, existing businesses, and students improves success in strategic business planning.

Write a business plan that gets results. This step-by-step easy read includes modern thinking tips and valuable considerations. Create great content and boost your chances of launching a successful business.

In Connecting your Business Plan to a Modern World: Straightforward information in condensed format about writing a great business plan, ($7.99 available on Amazon, new for 2018) author John DeGaetano taps his 25 years of hands-on business and financial knowledge to outline successful planning strategies tailored for small business in today’s changing world. The detailed, “right to the point” – step-by-step guide includes examples of 10 of the most important tips to consider when determining exactly what to plan for in content as it relates to various types of business needs… in a condensed, easy-to-read format. Contact Us

Starting-up, Then and Now: Is Business Life Better Today? Now more than ever before we are using technology, but has it helped us to be more engaging, innovative, and most importantly – profitable?

Customers are calling for more enhanced storylines, better product development, and faster diverse distribution channels. So building connections with the right people and businesses is a crucial part of being successful today.

This book touches all of these subjects and helps readers become more familiar with writing, business planning, statistics, and understanding the obstacles we face – now, verses years past as today’s world changes around us. Whether you already have a plan or not, the book gives you important information to create, revise, and connect your business plan to modern markets. Includes a well collected list of helpful “modern thinking” tips to use to make your business a success!

This practical guide doesn’t just explain why a business plan is important – it shows how to use strategically plan for the future in drafting an executive summary, marketing plan and also working with investors, financial institutions, landlords and most importantly, customers. A cost-effective publicity plans and tactics to reach fundraising goals, educate and influence consumers, and recruit employees and volunteers. Simplified instructions, resources and tools to help the reader learn how to:

  • Create an affordable marketing timeline plan, goals, objectives, and key strategies
  • Determine which direction to take along with tactics that will have the most impact on business goals
  • Develop a balance sheet, sales projections and income statement,
  • Add information that will capture the attention of the reader.
  • Plan out potential activities that attract, motivate and retain qualified employees and resources

“You’re not alone… putting the pieces together and writing a great business plan is intimidating for everyone,” says DeGaetano. “What makes the task of writing a plan so difficult is deciding what to include, what not to, what to highlight, what to de-emphasize, etc.” If you truly want to work in the field of your choice, then writing it… is a necessity. Being yourself yet displaying focused enthusiasm in strategy is the best approach, however there is such thing as going overboard with far too many details. Format should be a living, breathing document – and changeable so that your business can survive in the marketplace.”

More About the Author: Director, Artistic Director, Consultant and Author, John DeGaetano has been involved in musical theatre most of his life; director credits include productions; Evita, Cats, Pirates of Penzance, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Chicago. He has assisted with numerous productions, Radio and Television work as well as producing shows such as Miss Saigon, and directing one of his own short plays in New York City and a short series in London. John has written several full-length plays and a selection of Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays. His plays, informational books and presentations are available on Amazon, bookstores, and elsewhere. For more information, please visit www.johndegaetanoproductions.com Contact Us


Connecting your Business Plan to a Modern World - New book designed specifically for business advisors, start ups, start up thinkers, entrepreneurs, existing businesses, and students improves success in strategic business planning. 

($7.99 available on Amazon) by author John DeGaetano


Creative Ways to Fund your Small Business in Todays Economy - Making Sense of Highly Uncertain Business Environments. New book designed specifically for business advisors, start ups, start up thinkers, entrepreneurs, existing businesses, and students in understanding of funding options and strategic business planning in uncertain times.

($7.99 available on Amazon) by author John DeGaetano



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