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Family Gathering Idea: Read a Play Together!

Cut the boredom at your next family gathering with some Drama and Mystery. That’s right, its time to gather once again, but how do you keep everyone from getting on each other’s nerves? The solution; cast them in a stage play reading, right in your very own living room.

Everyone loves to be entertained and theater brings people together, right? So here is what to do when planning your next family gathering:

First, assign a Director to the project, one who can cast the roles and can give the group direction if needed. Then, also assign a Stage Manager, one who can keep everyone in line and the action moving along. By keeping things moving along we mean reciting the words right from their chairs, not the actual movement specified in the scene unless space allows. Here are a few short to full length play suggestions to consider at your next family gathering:

1. Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays Collection. John DeGaetano Productions re-creates a  twist on nine new Sherlock Holmes adventures into one book, the 10 Minute Plays Collection. Based in part from the career writings of Holmes’ long time friend Dr. Watson, the recently released well-crafted scripts are homage to Conan Doyle and his iconic characters, brought to life. Each play is just 10 minutes or more in length, four to eight characters needed and suitable for the whole family and audiences. Sherlock Holmes Plays: view Website for more information or Amazon Author Page

2. Some other favorites are Agatha Christie Plays, which are now available in a new edition published to coincide with the 60th anniversary year of the longest-running play in history. This new edition of eight works shows how Agatha Christie’s plays are as compulsive as her novels. Includes: The Mousetrap (adapted from Three Blind Mice), And Then There Were None, among others. Agatha Christie Plays: view Website for more information

3. This first volume of The Collected Plays of Neil Simon contains the triumphs that his unique brand of comic genius on the American stage, and made him the most successful playwright of his generation. His mixture of verbal wit and beautifully crafted barbs touch the heart as well as the funny bone. Neil Simon Book: view Amazon Author Page for more information

They are going to love it and imagine the possibilities. Everyone learns the story, they get to create their character right on the spot and before you know it your family gathering event is filled with laughter, intrigue and family togetherness. What a concept; comedy, silliness, mystery, drama, confusion and pure dysfunctional fun for the whole family…  it’s all there! Make someone proud today; tell them you read a play.


Written by admin