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Evita Musical Auditions: The Upcoming Challenge to Find the Cast

Evita Banner

John DeGaetano, will direct the famous musical at the Raven Performing Arts Theater in Healdsburg California this summer 2013. “Evita was a woman who came from nothing and wanted everything,” says DeGaetano, long-time president of the Raven Players. “In real life, she was the focal point of a country. I’m looking for a person who Continue Reading

New Sherlock Holmes: 10 Minute Plays Collection now on Amazon

Play Ball

John DeGaetano Productions re-creates twist on nine brand new Sherlock Holmes adventures and combines them into one book, the 10 Minute Plays Collection. Based in part from the career writings of Holmes’ long time friend Dr. Watson, the recently released well-crafted scripts are homage to Conan Doyle and his memorable iconic characters, brought to life. Continue Reading

Marketing Timeline – Is There Anybody Out There?

Timeline Slide

Marketing Timeline: Measuring your Marketing and Advertising to assess if anybody is out there, does anyone care and does any of it really work? The answer is, well… yes and no. That’s because businesses…can’t really tell what works and what doesn’t work. It can be like the mystical aurora borealis of business, you can see Continue Reading

Family Gathering Idea: Read a Play Together!

Read a Book

Cut the boredom at your next family gathering with some Drama and Mystery. That’s right, its time to gather once again, but how do you keep everyone from getting on each other’s nerves? The solution; cast them in a stage play reading, right in your very own living room. Everyone loves to be entertained and theater Continue Reading

New Holmes Mystery: Can The Case Be Solved Before Lunch?

New Holmes Mystery

The new Holmes mystery follows the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes and his associate Doctor Watson. In their fourth story of the 10 Minute Plays series “Interview at Cambridge Estate,” Holmes wagers he can solve the case before lunch; an unusual gamble. About the new Holmes mystery: Sherlock Holmes and Interview at Cambridge Estate Continue Reading

Audience Surveys and Value


When you need input from an audience or a number of people connected to a production about specific information to support operational decisions, then audience surveys is the fastest most economical way to accomplish this. Audience Surveys: The technique of gathering information in this regard usually originates when a theatre company or production team is Continue Reading

Stage Production Tips 101


Stage Production Tips: If this were a class we’d call it Stage Production Tips 101, just basic things to know because you want to somewhere, somehow be involved in a stage production. Well, everyone’s got suggestions… but it is simple, as a matter of fact ridiculously simple if you do your homework… How? Well, first Continue Reading

Play Scripts and Getting Feedback

Play Scripts

If you’re reviewing play scripts to potentially perform whether it is a drama, one act play, scenes, or even a comedy, make sure you do the homework first. Yes, I know you want to do a cutting edge piece, something that really makes a statement, something different… right? So on the subject of play scripts: That Continue Reading

10 Minute Play: Sherlock Holmes turns to Italian History

Umberto Stamp1

Holmes and Watson turn to the deep roots of Italian History to uncover the Mystery in one of the New Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Play Series “Darkness Upon Us.” Holmes along with long time associate Doctor Watson uncover an unsettling plot that goes beyond borders in their third story of book one in the 10 Minute Continue Reading

Marketing Strategy Tips Right to the Point

Marketing Strategy Tips

The most important tip anyone can give you or your business in setting your marketing strategy is to simply: Stick With It. 1. Let’s cover a few points… That’s right, no fancy apps, real expensive paper or spending lots of money on ads in magazines can take the place of staying with the very program you’ve Continue Reading