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Sherlock Holmes Plays Debuts Short Stories in London in October

Sherlock Holmes Plays

The new Sherlock Holmes Plays entitled Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays, a series of short stories is scheduled to perform onstage at London’s West End Leicester Square Theatre Oct 2-5 and the at Islington’s Kings Head Theatre Oct 8-12.

“The show is a quick shotgun blast of new dramatic material, designed to keep you off balance,” says John DeGaetano, San Francisco Bay Area stage director and creator of the new Sherlock Holmes Plays. One of the stories within five the story series, Case of Revenge, (SHERLOCK HOLMES 10 MINUTE PLAYS, available on AMAZON) – previously performed in the short play premiere production at the Roy Arias Theatre in Manhattan last September was well received. Now, four more stories have been added and billed as as “An delightful evening of original short stories with the world’s greatest detective and his log time associate Doctor Watson.” The show is approximately 90 minutes in length plus intermission and the concept is to designed to encourage schools, senior activity centers and of course theater groups to perform the assortment.

Sherlock Holmes Plays

Simeon Oakes stars as Sherlock Holmes

As just the writer of the plays it will be interesting to see what develops. The direction and staging is essentially a collaboration of the actors themselves and their interpretation of the content, states John DeGaetano. Produced by Irish Theatre Presents, the talented London based cast for the Oct 2nd through the 12th event includes – Simeon Oakes as Sherlock Holmes, Roger Parkins as Doctor Watson, Ceejay Sargent as Mrs. Hudson and Jeffrey Mayhew as Inspector Lestrade. Also featured are Josephine Timmins, Josh Morrall, Juliet Prew and Tom Moores. ”The actors bring to life these iconic characters in a quick turnaround on stage. The stories grow in intensity as it is up to Holmes and Dr. Watson as well as the audience to immediately unravel the mysteries.”

Director, actor and consultant, DeGaetano has been involved in musical theatre most of his life, his director credits include most recent productions; Evita, Cats, Pirates of Penzance, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Chicago, he has assisted with numerous other productions, along with Radio and Television work and has written several full length plays. To learn more about the play series and comedy play scripts visit website; John DeGaetano Productions or check availability on Amazon (SHERLOCK HOLMES 10 MINUTE PLAYS).

Based in part from the career writings of Holmes’ long time friend Dr. Watson. The playwright, whose witty, well-crafted scripts are homage to Conan Doyle and his iconic characters, brought to life. Each short story is just 10 minutes or more in length, four to six characters and encourages the audience to play along. The Sherlock Holmes Plays and stories within the show are Sherlock Holmes and…

A Case of Revenge – Holmes himself is puzzled why a woman seeks revenge for a famous mans death… We can’t tell you any more than that in this emotional 10-Minute thriller.

The Dilemma – Holmes and Watson attempt to solve a case of an absurd scheme that might explain why one of the richest men in the city does not have a penny to his name.

The Case of the Charming Three – Confusion mounts when all is not what it may seem as Holmes and Watson are called into Scotland Yard to help solve an unusual missing persons case.

The Failed Attempt – A serial killer is on the loose, after years of investigative bedlam the city residents remain on edge. It’s now up to Holmes and Watson to confront a person of interest.

The Light in the Woods – Holmes and Watson along with Inspector Lestrade attempt to resolve the disappearance of a young girl and the absurd systematic plan of revenge that might explain why.

There’s plenty of intrigue and adventure as the stories move quickly… guaranteed to please everyone who joins in.” For show dates, times and tickets in October visit websites here: Leicester Square Theatre or King’s Head Theatre or for more stories and information visit the author’s website. Special tickets for the show? For a limited time the theaters are offering special 1/2 price tickets for the show, please send us a request on our contact us page and we will pass on the information.


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