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Great Stage Play… in the Eyes of the Audience?

Great Stage PlayWhat makes a great stage play… do you get bored with content of some of the plays currently out there in community production?

When I ask what makes a great stage play, I hear they are either too serious… I mean over the top too serious, depressing, timing is off or just not very creative or even funny… at all. I’ve always been under the impression we go to the theater to see a stage production to be entertained, so why is it then we often see and pay for some useless efforts over and over again.

All due respect to the actors, who labor long and hard to memorize and recite their lines in character. That can be a thankless exercise, but the question is, what makes a great stage play? There are times when I’ve seen audience members show their true disappointment, just in their body language at the end of a show. They politely applaud, stand up after the show, you can see a shoulder shrug or two and then exit… never to think about the performance again.

Ok, I’m not complaining here, I’m just stating that it makes me wonder why we sit in the audience. Which brings me to mention here that I wrote a few plays… and I know they’re not masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, however I took a different angle on their concepts. Plays are described in greater detail on Author Page or Website. We encourage you to tell us what you think. So in my mind, if you think you have something to write about that has some substance, something thought provoking (maybe)… you should go for it. I guess with so much tragedy in the world I’ve attempted to be light hearted with content. I also think the real reason people go to the theater is to escape the turmoil of real life. Yes, there are all those critics that trash content, slang and what grammatically should and should not be. After all is said and done; I think a great stage play really depends on how the actor interprets the character, the choices he or she makes with the content and every bit of the dialog… this changes everything. So simply, my hope has always been to plant the seed, and that everything that I’ve written can be interpreted by the actor to truly entertain the audience, with the flexibility to be… a little different.


Written by admin

2 Comments to “Great Stage Play… in the Eyes of the Audience?”

  1. Bijiwantok says:

    It depends. Are you winritg a play/screenplay? The main thing you should pay attention to is structure. Speaking from a winritg and production perspective A Full-Length Play:-Usually lasts 2 hours (around a minute a page, give or take)-Has arcs leading to the act break/end of the play-relies upon live actor performances more than anything-limits its locationA Film:- lasts 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours (comedys tend to be shorter)-Has arcs leading through scene changes-relies upon director’s shots and editing to tell story-generally has many locationsThere are exceptions to all these rules, of course. But generally, if I read something that has a bunch of quick scenes or more than two locations, that tends to be more feasable as a film since logistically moving that much is not usually possible on stage as well as confusing to the playgoing audience. If I read a single location script with a few characters it will be a capable play since most movies lose steam if the shots last too long.I hope that makes sense.