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Plays by John DeGaetanoOur Vision: To consult, collaborate and make available Plays, Books, Self Help Information that help actors, singers, dancers, theater companies and other interested individuals build performance and business skills.

What our Readers Have Said

London, United Kingdom: “Brilliant! What a great idea, the scenes are cleverly and wittily written and you clearly have a good knowledge of the characters as they are portrayed faithfully and believably.”

Connecticut, USA: “A Case of Revenge is not just a mystery, but it has the suspense thing too… thanks for the opportunity to read these, it was a blast.”

Sunderland, Ireland: “I truly enjoy your work; the scripts were an interesting read. In addition, the cycling of different characters really worked for your style of writing, and the constant movement on the stage.”

London, United Kingdom: “It was a pleasure reading the plays… they are light, intriguing entertainment. The dialogue reads very authentically, thanks.”

Jacksonville, Florida: “I have to say that I am very impressed with the effort you put into these, they will be a very nice evening of readings with a theme.”

Georgia, USA: “Wow! I enjoyed reading the plays. My advice to you is, just keep doing what you’re doing, thank you!”

About the Author

John DeGaetano brings years of experience as a Theater Professional, Certified Business Advisor, Financial background along with Marketing and applies it to the art of performance. This creative approach in design and vision has proven results. John’s directorial credits include such musicals as Cats, Pirates of Penzance, Chicago the Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in several venues as well as producing other shows such as Miss Saigon and most recently directed one of his own plays in New York City.

In addition, John has done extensive work with Public Television, Radio and Theater. He is President of the Raven Players, a former member of the San Francisco Speaking Club, has participated on several boards and chamber groups, conducted financial seminars and countless charitable events. Previously a community outreach leader on the Business Volunteer Council, he also participated in a Teaching Aboard program that benefited individuals in a poverty-torn third world country. Recently, John DeGaetano released several full-length plays for the stage that are available within our website and Amazon. The plays cover new twists for comedy, mystery and other situations common to everyday lives with light-hearted adventure, a bit of silliness and no story would be complete without a touch of romance. Stories from John DeGaetano Productions include all new adventures in Sherlock Holmes Plays.